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High Fashion Magnetic Bracelet
Fashion Deluxe Magnetic

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Tianium Magnetic Bracelet for Arthritis Pain
Deluxe Titanium Turquoise

Price $10.49 After Discount
Lady's Fahsionable Magnetic Bracelet
Lady's Titanium Magnetic

Price $8.99 After Discount
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Customer Testimonials
* "2 years ago I started wearing a magnetic bracelet, expecting nothing, except wasted money spent. Much to my surprise, by the 3rd or 4th day, I realized I was pain free in every joint in my body, including my spine! Something that NO medication had ever done!!! I'm a 'believer'!!!!! M. McClure - Tomball, TX"
* "Since I started using the magnetic bracelet I fill much better. I'm a patient of multiple condition of health, for example: asthma bronchial, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, mitochondrial patella, hypertension & others more; so I recommend to everyone to use it. I'm not cure; but it relieves me..." V.M.T., Carolina, Peurto Rico

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Magnetic Jewelry Information

What's Magnetism?

Magnetism is a phenomenon by which materials exert an attractive or repulsive force on other materials as well as on each other. Materials most commonly known to exhibit detectable magnetic properties are iron, certain kinds of steel, and minerals with iron content such as hematite or lodestone.

Therapeutic Power of Magnets

Researches and clinical studies indicate that human being is a magnetic being and may be influenced by external natural or artificial magnetic forces. It is evidenced that magnetically sensitive particles in the human body become excited when exposed to a strong external magnetic field. As a result of that, both the blood circulation and the body temperature may be moderately improved. It is generally believed that magnetic force be beneficial to health. Some people may experience more obvious effects than others.

Magnetic Jewelry

Magnetic jewelry is a relative old category of jewelry that has been revitalized as a result of the fashion design trend of blending novel ideas as well as materials with the traditional craftsmanship of jewelry making.

Magnetic jewelry is a collective term for jewelry items that are either made of or contain magnetic materials. The most popular magnetic jewelry of today includes stainless steel magnetic bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, titanium magnetic bracelets, copper magnetic cuffs, alloy magnetic fashion bracelets, hematite magnetic bracelets, lariats, wraps, and necklaces, semiprecious stone magnetic bracelets, etc.

Therapeutic Magnetic Jewelry

Therapeutic Magnetic Jewelry is simply jewelry items resulted from the fashion trend to combine therapeutic functionality of magnets and the aesthetic value of jewelry. It is usually equipped with a significantly greater number of magnets for a stronger therapeutic power.

  Magnetic & Hematite Jewelry from the Super Store of Fashion Jewelry
SohoFive strives to lead the magnetic & hematite jewelry market. Before long, you will agree that SohoFive is the biggest store online for magnetic and hematite jewelry and the indisputable leader in the market today. Not only do we carry superb quality hematite jewelry items, we carry a stunningly great variety of magnetic and hematite bracelets, necklaces, chokers, wraps and lariats as well as the greatest number of the latest styles of magnetic bracelets made of stainless steel and a series of artisan hand-painted hematite bracelets found nowhere else on the Internet.

All our magnetic hematite bracelets, necklaces, wraps and lariats are handcrafted using top quality premium grade hematite materials, (such as diamond-shaped hematite magnets, aurora finished hematite ovals, round beads and diamond-cut cylinders, faux pearl coated hematite magnets, color-coated faceted hematite beads), genuine semiprecious stones, cat's eye beads, quartz beads and double cones, metal bases, beads, spacers, etc., as well as handmade cloisonne cylinders and round beads, quartz cloisonne, and artificial stones made from fiber optic cabochons.

Many of the styles of our magnetic products in our titanium magnetic bracelets series, stainless steel magnetic bracelets series, magnetic hematite bracelets series, hematite bracelets series (non-magnetic), magnetic hematite necklaces series, hematite necklaces series (non-magnetic), magnetic wraps and lariats series and so on, are designer items offered exclusively by SohoFive.

You will find most of what's available on the Internet here at But you will NOT find many of what we have anywhere else. SohoFive is your assurance of staying ahead of the magnetic and hematite jewelry fashion trend. Order from SohoFive today.

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Magnetic Bracelets Reduce The Pain Of Osteoarthritis
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Stainless Steel Cable Cuff Magnetic Bracelet
Stainless Steel Cable Cuff Magnetic Bracelet
Price: $48.95Sale Price: $6.99

Executive Titanium Magnetic Bracelet
Executive Titanium Magnetic Bracelet
Price: $109.95Sale Price: $14.99

Magnetic Hearts Bracelet
Magnetic Hearts Bracelet
Price: $69.95Sale Price: $7.99

Gold Trimmed Magnetic Golf Bracelet
Gold Trimmed Magnetic Golf Bracelet
Price: $69.95Sale Price: $11.99

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